Hardwood flooring

A hardwood flooring installation can work wonders to spruce up your home. Hardwood lends a natural and organic look to your property, and it instantly increases your home's value. This material is timeless and classic because it can stand the test of time. Hardwood flooring has truly set the standard for rich beauty and elegant style. We offer wood flooring materials that range from white oak, the palest shade available, to the tones of crimson from padauk. No matter what your style or preference may be, we'll have the perfect solution for you.

Customize your hardwood floor

There are two types of hardwood flooring: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood and they each have their own unique strengths. If you're finishing your basement and/or have kids or pets, engineered hardwood is the way to go. For a natural, elegant aesthetic in your home office, consider solid hardwood. Let a professional from Space Floors help you determine what’s best for those rooms. Take a look at the different hardwood options we offer. Choose a material and finish that perfectly suits your taste and preferences for home décor. ✓ Pre and unfinished hardwood floors ✓ Domestic and exotic ✓ Thin strip to wide plank ✓ High gloss ✓ Satin finish ✓ Distressed

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