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Important flooring installation FAQs for your consideration

There’s no doubt that the flooring installation process is, by far, the most crucial part of your flooring experience. It ensures all the beauty, lifespan, and performance you expect from your chosen flooring, and we stand behind our work. But we know you have questions concerning the procedure, and here are some answers to a few of those we are most commonly asked.

If you still have questions after reading, be sure to contact us at your convenience. We’ll be happy to answer them all.

Why can’t I install my floating flooring myself?

It’s certainly tempting to try to save money by installing your floating flooring, but we strongly advise against it unless you have previous experience as a professional flooring installer. Not only do most floor coverings require special tools for a proper installation, but you can also actually void your warranty by refusing a professional install. It’s well worth the professional results and the peace of mind to leave this task in the hands of those who are trained, experienced, and entirely dedicated to your floors.



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How long will my flooring installation take?

We can effectively answer this question once you’ve chosen a floor covering. Each material has its characteristics and requirements for installation, but certain factors in your home could also change the time frame. For instance, if you have staircases that need to be floored or specific architectural structures we have to work around, this can extend the installation time. However, on a personal basis, we will quote you an exact time to complete the work.

If I choose hardwood flooring, how long will they have to acclimate?

Acclimation time can vary based on your home's humidity level and the weather in your area at the time of installation. Since acclimation is a process in which the flooring and the surrounding environment’s humidity levels match, this process can take from one to three days or more if the levels are high. We are trained to take the measurements that will ensure humidity levels are perfect for installation.

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