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One of the most important decisions homeowners must make when buying new flooring systems is to decide who will perform the flooring installation. When you shop with Space Floors in Charlotte, NC, you will find some of the best deals on flooring in the entire area, but, buying your new flooring is only the first step. You also need quality flooring installation for your new floors if you want years of satisfaction. Here are some reasons you should consider Space Floors for your new floor install:

We are experts in all types of flooring installation

We cannot stress enough how important it is that the personnel installing your new flooring system be thoroughly trained in working with that particular type of flooring. A very skilled carpet installer may not have a clue as to how to properly install a hardwood floor. And even a wood floor installer may not know the proper way to install engineered hardwood, if they have only installed solid hardwood. It is crucial that the team installing your new flooring know how to install that particular type of system. At Space Floors, our installers have been trained in all types of flooring installation. This means that they can deliver the best results regardless of what flooring you are purchasing from us. Our installers can install carpet, hardwood, laminate, and ceramic tile.



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We stand behind our flooring installation services

We are so confident in our flooring installation services that we stand behind every single job we complete for our customers. This is a no-nonsense guarantee that we will install your new floor to your satisfaction, or we will make it right! Our reputation for providing quality service is second to none, and we intend to keep it that way by always performing the best installs possible. When you need high-quality, professional flooring installation, come see us first, or talk to us about this service while you shop with Space Floors.