Free in-home measurement


We'll come to your home on your schedule and provide you with a detailed estimate

At Space Floors in Charlotte, NC, we work hard to make your life easier by offering our free in-home measurement service. We understand that you may not have the time to accurately measure your rooms, so we will be happy to do that for you on your schedule. Below are a few of the other reasons we offer this service.

Our free in-home measurement service is accurate

Accuracy matters when measuring for new flooring. Calculations that are too low may mean delays in completing the installation as more flooring may have to be ordered and delivered to your home. Calculations that are too high mean you buy more flooring materials than you actually don't need. Our professionals know how to measure all types of spaces, for all types of flooring systems. They can accurately calculate how much flooring you need for the main area of the space, as well as determine how much will be needed for closets, stairs, alcoves, and halls. They can also assess what types of thresholds or transition strips will be necessary. When we are finished with our free in-home measurement service, you will know exactly how much flooring you need and how much it will cost.



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Our free in-home measurement service saves you time

Measuring for new flooring can be simple if you are only ordering materials for a single room that is not too large and does not have any unusual corners. However, many rooms are not simple rectangles, and require more careful measurements. Our pros have years of experience in performing free in-home measurements and they know exactly what they are doing. This means that you do not have to use your valuable time making measurements and calculations. Since we can do this important step for you, why not take advantage of this service? If you would like us to perform a free in-home measurement for your new flooring, just let us know by stopping by our showroom in Charlotte, NC.